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    "The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall."

    -Nelson Mandela

    You know something is not right.
    It’s been ignored, denied, or buried for a few days or many years. When it comes to sex and secrets, all kinds of words come to mind: Weak, Lies, Hurting, Shame, Guilt,
    Helpless, Pain, My fault, Embarrassed, Confused, Afraid

    It’s no wonder that it seems easier to pretend and avoid.
    Guess what? It’s not. You find yourself scattered and easily upset- depressed, anxious, angry. You are easily triggered. You feel like your ready to blow apart. You are the shaken soda can that is gonna explode when it’s opened.

    Keeping things inside has many negative effects.
    You might find that stress from sexual problems is tearing you apart. Your health is at risk because your body starts to break down from the pressure.
    If secrets are not affecting you physically, how are they affecting your relationships with a partner, your children, your spiritual self, your connections to others?
    Are secrets affecting your ability to complete your work, handle normal job pressures, show up on time?

    Are secrets causing you to feel lonely and worthless?

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    There are so many types of secrets and private things that a person can hold inside.

    The partner who has an affair.
    The child who has suffered through sexual abuse.
    The couple that struggles to have a sexually intimate relationship.
    The teenage girl who just sent a selfie to a stranger because “everyone else is doing it”.
    The 20 year-old that can’t understand how to have a relationship because he is caught up in pornography.
    The 30 year-old that feels she has had too many sex partners because she is a love addict.The shy 40 year-old who has never had a date.
    The transgender person who doesn’t feel there is anybody to trust.

    I have seen the confusion, the anxiety, the pain and I am drawn to help.

    You want to work for hope, happiness, and peace.

    Seriously, the first meeting is the hardest part…wait, make that the first 10 minutes. Once you start opening-up and realize that someone is listening and not judging, you will feel this sense of relief at letting go.

    Next comes the problem-solving. You set the goals and let me support you. Using the tools from your sessions, you will start to develop a sense that change is happening.

    Have the feeling of knowing you are not alone in the struggle.

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    What I do in counseling sessions is like no other counselor in San Antonio. I researched many types of approaches to help you get the best chance for a change.  Everything that I use comes from my own personal experience in dealing with childhood traumas, adoption issues with my child, and marriage struggles. What I learned soon became obvious.  The sex therapy field is complex and strongly impacts individuals that are hurting and looking for a way out of the pain. I want you to have more than talk therapy can offer. You need to change automatic thinking patterns that developed from your past, present or even how you picture the future.  It’s important to have cutting edge therapies.  Your sessions are different when you work with me-  because I seek only the best trainings. What does that include? You can get the benefit of  EMDR, Neurofeedback, ART, Somatic Experiencing, Buehler Institute Sex Therapy training, and IITAP sex addiction training. Why do these matter? Because the brain is an important piece of the puzzle for making changes and healing.

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    Sex and Pornography Addiction.

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    About Cheryl Camarillo

    For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed helping people. As a child, I thought becoming a doctor would be the best career for me. However, as time passed and a number of college majors changed (about 10 times), social work landed in my path, and I never regretted my choice.

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