• About Cheryl Camarillo

    About Cheryl Camarillo

    For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed helping people. As a child, I thought becoming a doctor would be the best career for me. However, as time passed and a number of college majors changed (about 10 times), social work landed in my path, and I never regretted my choice.

    Who am I?- a child born and raised in Texas. I graduated from South San Antonio High School. The journey continued with a Bachelors and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. Go Horns Go!!!

    My kids are 14 and 23. Young adult and teenage moodiness- it makes me appreciate my age.

    Life adventures include opportunities to travel and find new experiences. Part of my experiences include the various roles I have played at my jobs.

    Working with Child Protective Services families introduced me to a group of people who had so many needs- the children especially. At some point, I knew I would adopt and along came two new family members.

    My career then changed to the field of psychiatric mental health. It was hard to see my son struggle with chronic mental health issues related to his genetics and adoption attachment issues. I really developed a high degree of compassion for other adoptive parents and children struggling.

    When the military became involved with the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided to change focus. I worked with medical providers as well as veterans with severe combat injuries (physical and mental) and their families. War touched every member of the family, and I was determined to help in any way possible.

    Now, I serve quarterly as a consultant to the Lone Survivor Foundation. The retreat center serves veterans of any war. The focus is on providing unique therapy opportunities and camaraderie. To see a veteran step outside their comfort zone for inner peace is gratifying.

    My most recent areas of focus are in two areas- sex therapy and sex addiction/partner betrayal trauma. The world has changed and so have relationships. There is trauma from choices and the whole family system can be hurt.

    Overall, plain and simple- I like working with people. Sometimes, the human spirit can seem broken. But, when you can provide support, information, new skills and different perspectives to problems, people start to see their strength. Resiliency comes out of struggles and I value people.